Children need physical activity and should always be inspired to play. It's essential for the healthy development of their bodies to move, stretch and challenge themselves physically. It is also imperative that their imaginations remain active and alive. This is becoming increasingly difficult in today's modern environments with more time spent in front of television and computers.

Yoga is a perfect, gentle, fun, non-competitive way to involve children in a healthy foundation of physical fitness, personal discovery, respect for self and others and the environment and focuses on improving the connection between breath, mind and body.

  Yogalini kid doing yoga  

about us

After more than ten years in the media industry, being suffocated by deadlines, pressure and stress, I decided to combine my two passions of working with children and yoga and make a career out of it. I left the corporate world and now feel like the bright, happy lotus flower reaching for the sun!

I am a qualified instructor, trained in Kidding Around Yoga tm. Kidding Around Yoga is a style of Yoga from the USA that encompasses the 5 branches of yoga in a clear engaging method. A typical KAY class gets the children singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, laughing, hopping, limbo-ing, and storytelling all while practising Yoga to the original KAY music.

I also have my Yoga4Kids module 1 and 2 qualification which is endorsed by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa. Combining both styles of teaching techniques gives me the tools to make my classes fun with maximum benefits to the kids.

My classes are designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence and manage the range of their emotions. There is special emphasis on children being kind to one another, realizing their potential and awesomeness and teaching them to be proud of their uniqueness and celebrate their shine!

My additional yoga qualifications include:

LEAD Trainer of Kids Yoga Teacher Training courses
Accredited by the Yoga Fellowship of South Africa Children Yoga Teacher
Experienced 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher -E-YRT 200
200 hr Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga teacher
500 hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teache

practise me

Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Calms the mind, relieves stress and mild depression, energizes the body, stretches and strengthens upper and lower body, relieves fatigue, headaches and back pain.

Yogalini yoga studio pose of the month

Step 1: Come onto all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Keep hands and feet hip width apart.

Step 2: Push all four corners of your palms into the mat and stretch fingers wide.

Step 3: Lengthen the sides of your body.

Step 4: Curl toes under, straighten knees and push your bottom up into the air. Push heels to the floor.

Step 5: Let your head hang between your arms. Breathe in and out.

Step 6: To release, exhale and bring your knees to the floor.


why yoga

The list below outlines a few of the benefits your child will gain from yoga:

Tools to find a quiet, happy space within a busy, full lifestyle
Strength and resiliency
Balance and co-ordination
Present moment awareness
Improved muscle tone
Breathing techniques
Stress reduction
Body awareness
Sensory integration
Balanced high/low energy levels
Strengthened immune system
Better sleep
Enhanced imagination and creativity
Self-respect and respect for others
Core strength essential for posture and alignment
Inspiration to play, be creative and imaginative
Tools to find a quiet, happy space within a busy, full lifestyle
Improved concentration, focus and attention span
Increased circulation and uptake of oxygen
Team work


Class Schedule


15:00-15:45 (4-7 years)




1 x 45 min class: R100